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Kindergarten is a very important stage in a child's life

Primary stage

The primary stage is one of the most important stages of education, as it is the foundation stage upon which the other stages are built.

Middle School

Education in the preparatory or intermediate stage is of great importance in developing the student and preparing him for the secondary education stage and practical and community life in general &nb

High school

Education at the secondary level is of great and decisive importance in the lives of students, as it  The last stage before students enter higher education or the labor market  

Awael Summer Club

Al-Awael Summer Club is an educational and entertaining club in which students learn many skills 

Training courses

Training courses will be announced soon


Lebanese curriculum

Bilingualism is what distinguishes the Lebanese curriculum, as it relies on the English language in scientific subjects and the Arabic language in literary subjects 

British curriculum

We adopt the Edexcel Education SystemProvided by the British Foundation(Pearson)  

Our Events

Our old students

Al Awal has grown with its former students, most of whom graduated from the most prestigious universities and achieved important achievements in various fields Some of them are now successful doctors. . . A creative engineer. . . A talented artist or a successful leader Their success and excellence reflect the commitment and diligence they demonstrated throughout their studies... We are proud of our schools’ contribution to their success, and we believe that what they received in those days from their teachers was a solid foundation for their success and excellence in the future. We are confident that they will be educational ambassadors for the values ​​and vision of our schools in society.

What they said about us

Three decades of experience and experience in the field of education. We are proud of the evaluations of our dear students
Al-Awael achieved a large number of positive evaluations that reflect the satisfaction of our students and their families and their confidence in our pedagogical and educational services

Mobility and transportation

Transportation prices

The transportation company approves the prices announced in the Greater Istanbul Municipality...

Official school buses

The buses belong to Özçetinler, which in turn pledges to the safety and security of all its buses...

Follow up via the live website

You can follow your children during their trip to school through the direct website ...

Approved transportation company

Özçetinler A Turkish company was chosen to preserve the comfort and safety of our students...